DIY: Make Your Own Boot Socks from Old Sweater Sleeves

Posted: 10/29/12 10:00 AM (Modified: 10/29/12 10:00 AM)


Could there be an easier DIY project than this?? I think not!

Hey guys, it's Aja here, back with another super quick and easy DIY project for you. I traveled to Chicago last weekend and all around me were sweaters, boots, scarves and trench coats. FALL! I love fall weather and even more- fall clothing. So when I got back I was more than ready to try my hand at this DIY idea I had seen floating around Pinterest.

My first (and only!) stop was the thrift store, to pick up some cheap sweaters, prime for the cutting. I made sure to make sure the sleeve and cuff of the sweaters had a thicker rib. The end of the sleeve is really the only part you'll see, so make sure you like how it looks! Also, if you have larger calves, go for a bigger size sweater. I basically have no calf muscle to speak of (thank you Grandma), so I went with smaller sized shirts.

Then just snip off the sleeves. I wanted mine long, so I cut on the long side first and ended up trimming a few inches after I tried them on.

Aaaaaannndd... that's it! Pull those babies on and slip on your boots! I love these so much. They're cute and they'll keep my chicken legs warm this winter. So will you be cutting up some sweaters this weekend?

Oct 29, 2012 05:33 pm
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