Do You Use the Envelope System?

Posted: 10/15/12 6:00 AM (Modified: 10/15/12 6:00 AM)

Do you use cash only? Recently, I rediscovered my love for Dave Ramsey and started using an envelope system to help budget and get out of debt. This is one of the more basic steps to his method and it is simple. Use envelopes for things like groceries and gas then budget your money accordingly. When the money is gone, you're out. This really helps to keep your budget in check.

For me, this method opened my eyes to what I was really spending and how much those little $1 here or there trips can add up. We asked our Facebook fans if they use the envelope system and the response was pretty unreal.

What do you think? Are you using the envelope system? Check out and get rid of debt!

You can view our news segment below which shows off some the responses from our fans: TV To Talk About | The Tulsa CW

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