Financial Freedom: 5 Ways to Save Money on Prescription Medications

Posted: 03/26/13 5:00 AM (Modified: 03/26/13 5:00 AM)

Saving money on prescription medications is a bit easier than you'd think! It took a little digging for a few of these but we certainly found some great money-saving resources for you when it comes to prescriptions:

1. Mail Order: You might be able to order your medications via mail order instead of picking them up at the store. In fact, many medications cost about 3x's more when you order them at the store itself. Be sure to check with your company and find out if mail order is an option.

2. Pill Splitting: Obviously, you need to check with your doctor first and ask about pill splitting. The practical pediatrition, Dr Alka Sood, tells me that splitting is ok ONLY if the pill is scored. Other wise, the medicine is not equally distributed. It means that for example, if you're taking 20 milligrams of a cholesterol medicine see if your doctor will prescribe the 40-milligram dose, then use an inexpensive pill-splitting device to cut each pill in half. It turns out that most of the time, you'll pay the same price but get double the doses. Keep in mind though... it doesn't work with gel caps, time-release medications, or capsules.

3. This website is amazing and they've helped over 7 million people! Here's how it works, you put in your list of medications, answer some eligibility questions and then you find out where you can get help.

4. Store Transfers: Often, Target and CVS will offer coupons for prescription transfers. When you see one online or in the newspaper, be sure to keep it so you'll have it when you need it!

5. Company Websites: Many times your medication will have its own website and that website may offer money saving information like coupons too! I've found a ton of medication coupons on their websites. Be sure to check that out before you pay!

Do you know of a website we did not feature? Let me know, how do you save money on prescriptions?

Here is the news segment airing on News on 6, News 9 , KMOVKens5,  WGEM and KTXD  offering ways to save money on over-the-counter medications:


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Sep 22, 2011 07:37 am
 Posted by  Tifani

My husband and I hand out free prescription discount cards for a company called ProvisionRX. If you would like to check out discount cards just check out and click on the middle/right side of the page to print a card for you (PDF) and anyone else you know. If you would like a laminated card please just email us at with your information and we can gladly mail you a card. We are Oklahomans and have thoroughly enjoyed our time working with this company. It is amazing to see all the positive feedback we have received.

Jan 24, 2013 08:49 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Many hospitals allow their employees to fill script at their pharmacy for cost. Which is awesome!

Mar 26, 2013 09:54 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

I recently need a prescription for a cream that costs $200.00 (no generic is available premade). After I told my doctor I couldn't afford that she called in the prescription to Economy Pharmacy in Tulsa and they compounded a generic form of the cream for $45.00. Of course not everything is available this way but it pays to talk to your doctor.

Jul 18, 2013 03:15 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

If you go to the website you can find all of the manufacturer drug coupons in one place. They don't charge anything for their service and you can find drug coupons for both OTC and RX drugs. They also offer a prescription drug card that's free and can be used on prescription medications not covered by insurance.

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