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DIY: How to Make a Rag Wreath for Fall

Posted: 09/19/12 2:00 PM (Modified: 09/19/12 2:00 PM)

Hi guys, it's Aja, and I have a fun and easy tutorial for you today. Each fall, I come across all of these gorgeous wreaths that would look awesome on my front door, but think- I could totally make that myself! Well, this year I decided to just go for it. I saw a pretty rag wreath on Pinterest and knew it would be easy to make and customize in a color scheme I wanted. 


Here's what you'll need:

1. Metal wreath form from a craft store (mine was 2 or 3 dollars at Michael's. Don't forget your coupon!)

2. Scissors

3. Fabric


That's it! I searched through my fabric stash and chose about 4 different cream, white and linen colored fabrics, since I knew I wanted a really neutral looking wreath. Choose whatever you want! The first wreath I saw was really colorful and pretty, which would be great for spring.


Cut your fabric into strips about 3-5 inches long by 1 or 2 inches wide. Really, the sizing is up to you. I found I liked them on the shorter size, but there's no reason to be exact. And you can always trim them down at the end if the pieces look too long.




Next, just start tying the fabric strips onto your wreath form! At first, I was all "technical" with mine, evenly spacing each color of fabric around the wreath. But by the end of RHONY, I was just grabbing and tying those babies anywhere! 




This project was SO simple and I loved that I could complete it during one night in front of the tv. I already have a second one started in reds that I think will be perfect for the holiday season. 

Happy crafting!


Sep 3, 2013 02:48 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

How much fabric do you need?

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