Winners: The Vintage Pearl Favorite Summer Memory

Posted: 09/03/13 2:30 PM (Modified: 09/03/13 2:30 PM)


Wow!  You all have had some amazing summers!  Thank you for letting us get a glimpse of what you were busy with this summer.  We love reading about your adventures and getting to hear about your good news.  Four of you found out that you are expecting and several had babies!

Please join me in congratulating the following readers who were chosen to receive the $50 gift certificates from The Vintage Pearl.

Speaking of good news, Kara Bowes recently found her birth father!  Her favorite summer memory was introducing her children to their grandfather and getting to spend time with him and his wife.  What a precious gift.  

We also got to learn of tough times that some of you are facing.  Megan James had to say "good-bye" to her husband as he deployed to Afghanistan for at least nine months.  Her favorite summer memory was getting to spend time as a family and watching her husband, Jeff, with her two little boys before he left.  They soaked up time with him reading books, watching movies, eating snow cones and even creating special Build-a Bears with daddy's voice inside.  Thank you, Megan, for Jeff's and your service to our country!  We know you are making sacrifices for us.

Kara and Megan will be receiving the $50 gift certificates from The Vintage Pearl.  Please continue sharing your stories with us on Facebook.  Hope you made some wonderful summer memories.

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This giveaway is sponsored by The Vintage Pearl.

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