Couponing 101: Couponing for Singles

Couponing for Singles

Brandi, one of our MSQ volunteers, was recently asked about couponing for singles. I’ve been asked this question a lot as well, many people think you have to be married with kids in order to coupon but that is not the case. Check out Brandi’s response:

Everyone likes to save money…..right?  Why should it matter if there is just one in your house or 10?  It actually doesn’t,  the concept is the exact same.  Why would you feel the need to pay full price for an item just because you are single when you can get it for pennies or better yet, FREE?

I know a lot of single people worry about wasting a lot of food because they think you can only purchase the bigger items with coupons.  Did you know many coupons do not have size limits?  It’s true!

Unless the coupon has a specific size requirement, you can use it on ANY size.  Most of the time buying the smaller products will land you the best deal anyway.  Let’s take eggs for example, yes, there are coupons for eggs, and if your coupon says you can use it on ANY Farmer’s Brand eggs.  Maybe you don’t use a dozen eggs in a month, but you might use six.  Since your coupon says you can use it on ANY of the eggs, you can use that coupon to get the six pack for pennies or even free!  How cool is that?

Ok, I can feel it, you are starting to get excited about this! Let’s move on, how about shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and razors?  I am sure you use some of that stuff.  Did you know you can often time get all of that for free as well?  Yep, you can.  Walgreens and CVS are GREAT places to purchase those items.

Like I said before, the concept is all the same, it is just making it work for you.  I have a lot of single friends that use coupons.  Once you get it down you will be amazed at what you will be able to do and kicking yourself for not giving it a shot before now.

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