Creating a Vegetable Container Garden


A few weeks ago, April posted about Square Foot Gardening. This got me thinking about other ways to have a vegetable garden such as using containers. For those of you in the city with a small yard or perhaps no yard at all, container gardening might be just the thing for you. For me personally, this method works best for us because our dogs do not dig in our containers like they do in our actual yard.

Now, all good things begin with a Google search and that is exactly what I did. Check out this insanely informative article about Container Vegetable Gardening. It is pretty much the same method as the Square Foot Garden only it’s not a square foot.

For us, I have huge containers already which worked perfectly for our veggies. Then, I found my husband’s old wheel burrow and decided to turn that into a planter too. As it turns out, he kinda used it so now I have to buy him a new one…not cool. But, it sure looks cute!

All this to say, grab some containers and think outside the box! You’ll save money and stay healthy at the same time!

Now I am trying to resist the urge to buy the old bathtub I saw on Craigslist…wouldn’t that be the cutest planter in the world?!!?

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