Frugal Recipe: Make Your Own Egg McMuffins & Freeze Them


So, I have a confession. I love Egg McMuffins. Yep, I do. I especially love them when I leave my house at 4:45am for work and just have to get something to eat. I’ve noticed a few things though and one of those (aside from my pants getting tighter) is the price. The cost of an Egg McMuffin isn’t that much but it can add up over time if you are buying them on a regular basis…which I am not…but if I were or knew someone who was then I would know that the cost can add up.

Enter Pinterest. 

I am rather proud of myself. In the last 2 days, I have made 3 frugal meals from ideas I saw onPinterest. I’m not a fan of cooking but I was completely enticed by amazing pictures and had to try a few recipes. I actually have 3 more I plan to cook by the end of the week. One of these great ideas were Egg McMuffins.

I bought all the ingredients for this recipe for $8. That means, I made 12 Egg McMuffins for only $8 rather than paying a little over $1 each for them at McDonald’s. If you hit the sales and coupons just right, you could make that price drop even lower. The recipe came from (And, just a side note, the blogger mentioned that a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin contains 55 ingredients. You can make it at home with only 4 ingredients. Yeah, much better.)

The best part is that you can freeze these muffins too!


12 Eggs

12 English Muffins

12 slices of Canadian Bacon

2 Cups Shredded Cheese


Grease a muffin tin and place inside each holder one cracked egg.

Cook the eggs at 350 for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you grease those little muffin holders before you put the egg in or you will never get it out.

Split the English muffins and throw them in the oven too at the same time with the eggs. This will toast them nicely and get them ready for assembly.

Next, all you need to do is layer the cheese and Canadian bacon onto the muffins. I suppose you could put whatever you want on there but if you’re trying to stay with the same McDonald’s theme then use Canadian bacon and cheese.

And there you have it! It’s an Egg McMuffin folks! Ok, so it’s not quite as pretty but it does taste the same and it’s half the price plus, it’s homemade. You can’t beat it.

This is what Macheesemo says about freezing them:

“If you want to store these for later, stick all your sandwiches on a baking sheet and put them all in the freezer, uncovered and unwrapped. Leave them in there for about an hour. This will give them a chance to give off some moisture and also freeze a bit. If you were to wrap them up right away then there would be all kinds of liquid that would condense.

But don’t forget about them or they’ll get freezer burned. Pull them all out after an hour or two and wrap them individually in plastic wrap or foil and then store them in a freezer safe plastic bag. They will keep for a few weeks without a problem.”

She also says it’s best to heat them up by putting them in the oven, I zapped mine in the microwave for 45 seconds though because I don’t have time to cook in the mornings. It made it kinda hard, for sure the oven is best to reheat them. But, these just rock. So you might it either way! I now have 12 of these in my freezer for those early news mornings.

Enjoy the goodness!


  1. Dennis The Meance says

    1- McD’s Egg M&M are now $3
    2- Boost your FIBER ! > Using Thomas High Fiber Nooks & Crannies EM’s and a Omega 3 fortified Egg? Cost 0.30 cents each. ( and 50% are in High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread )
    3- Equals to 10% of the cost
    4- I make 6 of them , Once a Week and Freeze them In Zip Lock Bag
    5- I eat 2 for Bkfst & a 2 for Lunch !
    6- Being a Grandfather-got my 2 Daughters doing the same and for their Kids( Grandkids) They make them on the Wknds together with their kids..
    7- Sneaky trick> I got a Box of the McD’s EM Wrappings and gave them to my Daughters to wrap them in them and then in the Zip Lock Bag!
    8- The (Grand) Kids Love them and have them EOD ! and even give the to their friends that come over and take the Bus together!
    9-And I also Mention to my Daughters , it prepares the Grandkids for working at McD’s as a back up job if they have too !

    Hope this helps someone else!

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