To reach Money Saving Queen, LLC please contact If you wish to contact via mail, please use the following address:

Money Saving Queen, LLC

P.O. Box 140148

Broken Arrow, OK 74014


  1. Nancy Herrell says

    Do you have a class coming up anytime in the month of June for somewhere in Tulsa county.

  2. Sherry says

    I read your book but took it back to the library. I forgot what the abbreviations were for the coupons. Could I get a list of them again. Thank you very much. When are you going to have a workshop in 2016? I live in OKC but I would go to Tulsa to see you. (Broken Arrow)

  3. Cathleen Butler says

    I am in desperate need of someone in Tulsa who can teach me how to be a coupon queen and how to stock pile certain products and I of course will pay for the time. Blessings! Cathleen

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