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Sarah Roe-Money Saving Queen

Sarah Roe discovered the art of couponing in 2005 when her son was diagnosed with life threatening food allergies and the rising cost of medications and food made it difficult to feed her own family. By 2007, Sarah began teaching coupon workshops in Tulsa, Oklahoma and founded Tulsa’s Coupon Queen, LLC.

In 2008, Sarah gained business partners and as the company expanded, another partnership was born in 2009 with Griffin Communications. Throughout the years with Griffin, the business grew beginning with daily news segments on News on 6 (Tulsa) and News 9 (OKC).  Sarah rebranded as Money Saving Queen in 2010 with Griffin Communications and soon after began syndicating money saving segments in cities all over the United States.

Sarah has also been featured on national media including ABC News NOW, Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer and publications such as All You Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, First for Women, Forbes.com and much more.

In 2014, after a brief partnership with another group of investors, Sarah became the sole owner of Money Saving Queen, LLC. Since that time, Sarah has focused on her family and returning the business to its roots.

Sarah Roe is an experienced public speaker, radio & TV personality and reaches hundreds of thousands of people very single month through MoneySavingQueen.com. Sarah also writes regularly at PeaceLoveandSarah.com and FoodAllergyEats.com.

Sarah recently partnered with GEB America and launched Living Well with Sarah Roe. These inspiration segments can be seen on local stations throughout the United States.

As a passionate entrepreneur, Sarah purchased a local food co-op combining her passion for saving money with the love of healthy foods. The Produce Gathering operates in both Broken Arrow and Fort Gibson, Oklahoma every other week helping family buy produce and local foods at affordable prices.

Sarah is available for speaking engagements on a limited basis throughout the year, below are Sarah’s speaking topics and brief descriptions. Sarah is available to speak at your local church, organization or workplace, she is also available for small business consulting. To book Sarah for an event, workshop, media spot, etc. contact sarahroe@moneysavingqueen.com.

Speaking Topics:

Sarah Roe, Money Saving Queen

Keynote Inspirational Speaker: Sarah has shared her story of financial struggle around the country, she has also inspired many as her financial struggle led to a business that now supports her family. She has lived through unbelievable business hardships and the struggle of being a single mom. Sarah encourages families to live a frugal life but to also enjoy life and be encouraged even in the worst of circumstances. Sarah has “been there and done that” and she’s lived to tell about it!

Couponing Bootcamp *Most Popular*: This is the method that started it all! Sarah teaches her money saving strategies for cutting your grocery bill by 50-80%. You will learn all the tips and tricks for mastering strategic shopping plus, you’ll hear her real life stories and find out how you can coupon while still working, parenting and living life.

Coupon Sales Cycle

Organic on a Budget: Sarah began couponing because of her son’s special dietary needs and food allergies now, Sarah is also gluten free and purchases produce and organic products on a regular basis. It is possible to save hundreds of dollars a month on these items when using Sarah’s strategic shopping strategies! Couponing does not mean unhealthy, processed foods. Hear Sarah’s story and find out how you can save even more without compromising quality.

Money Saving Techniques: This class includes not only couponing, but also methods for saving money on bills, retail shopping, vacations, school supplies and much more. There are ways to save on just about everything and in this class, Sarah will show you how!

Frugal Living Workshop: Sarah loves saving money but she also loves to live a frugal life, she makes her own cleaners, laundry detergent and much more. In this workshop, you’ll learn those recipes plus find out how to save money with menu planning and freezer cooking.

Sarah teaches “out of the box” methods for saving money that are not only practical but also enjoyable.

Social Media Strategies for Business: Beginning from scratch, Sarah has built a social media empire for her own personal businesses. But, not only that, Sarah also coaches small business owners, helping them master social media strategies that turn followers into customers and fans into long term clients.

Sarah is well versed in all major social media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine and Twitter. She has a wealth of knowledge from the blood, sweat and tears it took to build her own business.

Sarah has managed social media for her own companies as well as many national companies.

This class is available to be booked for organizations and Sarah is also available for private consulting, web design and coaching. Contact sarahroe@moneysavingqueen.com for scheduling.

From Blog to Business: If you have a blog and want to turn it into a business, this is the class for you. Learn how to create multiple revenue streams, expand your audience and grow your readership.

Sarah is an experienced blogger, owning multiple blogs herself and having coached many others into success. This workshop is available for organizations or personal consulting is available, please contact sarahroe@moneysavingqueen.com for scheduling.

Partner together with Sarah Roe on your next event and contact sarahroe@moneysavingqueen.com!

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