Frugal Living: How to Make Your Own Dish Soap


While I do realize dish soap is cheap (especially if you coupon), I’m also all into this ‘make your own’ thing right now so I think this recipe is pretty cool. Ideally, you simply save left over bits of soap and combine them all together to make this. However, I think that is gross so I shaved a bar of Ivory soap instead. You can do it either way and it works great!


1 Cup of Soap Shavings (or little pieces of leftover soap in small shavings)

1/2 Cup Hot Water




Simply grate a bar of Ivory soap to get 1 cup of shavings. Pour your shavings into a large bowl and mix with 1 1/2 – 2 cups of very hot water. Mix this well and let it sit for an hour or so. You’ll find that the shavings melt into the water. You can let it sit for several hours or overnight if you prefer.

Once you’re done, pour it into an empty dish soap container or squirt bottle.

Since you can get dish soap so cheap, it might be best for your family to just buy it. However, I actually had several bars of Ivory soap that I picked up nearly free several months ago so for me, it was cheaper to make my own in this case. Obviously, if you saved up your little bits of soap, that would be even more frugal.



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